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If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you.
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  • Are you a youth thriving to improve your skills, knowledge and career?
  • Are you a student looking for opportunities to study abroad?
  • Are you just a learner looking to learn anything necessary to accommodate the changing world?
We believe that this is the right course for you!
From Passion to Profession of 21st Century is a new program with specific course outline designed for Myanmar Youth, a product of cooperation between Hysan International Academic Team and Mr Hans Hasselt, a director of H2K Transfer from Netherlands. Hysan Education has been trying to reinforce digital and self-learning perspective of Myammar youth as given that this course is a blended learning program in which you will practice independent learning style and get a chance to talk to the instructor on webinar session at the end of every week. We guarantee international quality education for all our clients with gratitude to your decision for learning with us.  

Week 1 – General introduction Introduction with attention for background of lecturer, socio-economic development and Doing Research (skills) Week 2 – Global challenges of the 21st century Job development in different economic sectors for developing the first personal ideas (vision) on development in Myanmar. Attention for global trends. Doing a personality test in order to discover more about yourself.  Week 3 – Sustainable development with a case study of the Netherlands Learning form mistakes made in other parts of the world, in order to prevent repetition. The concept of sustainable development as a general solution to social inequality, economic deprivation and ecological damage is introduced. Critical thinking is stimulated as main skills. Week 4 – Urban development  Combing worldwide trends in development in urbanisation for understanding the personal situation and making the first steps in considering what are personally important aspects to participate in this. Attention for collaboration skills. Week 5 – Global citizenship Personal wrap-up of the results of the previous weeks in order to evaluate the personal growth AND be able to make independent new steps. Education systems in Europe are explained in order to choose a country and programme that fits the personal circumstances, passions and talents.
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